Preparation For First Time and Renewal Application Process

Before applying for or renewing your Firearm Permit you must have your correct residential address on your Driver’s License.  You can make the change online here


The Concealed/Enhanced Carry Application (IFP-APP-01), which can be completed online before printing, is required for first-time applicants for a firearm permit. We are not requiring a traditional headshot photo for the application at this time. (When you apply in person, an examiner will take your photo).

The application includes a Qualifying Questionnaire, Section B.  Answering “YES” to some questions may indicate the need for additional forms, which can be found on the Firearm Permit Applications & Forms page.

Section C of the application is for Special Designations.  If you fall into one or more of the designations, you may qualify for a waiver of the application fee (there is a $32.00 fee for the fingerprints/background check) and the appropriate designation on the permit.  Required documentation can be found here.

Section D of the application is for the Enhanced Carry Endorsement.  The enhanced carry option requires that the applicant have an acceptable form of training.  Additional information can be found on the Enhanced Permit page.

Once the application is complete you will need to visit one of the Driver Service Bureau locations that offer Firearm Permit processing.  A list of locations and office hours are available on the Firearm Home page.  Walk in service and appointments are available for first time firearm applicants.

*Follow the guidelines below to ensure your visit goes smoothly. 

Please be ready to have a photo taken at the time of application.  You will be fingerprinted at the time of application.  Please do not apply when you have open wounds or wounds that require bandages on your fingers and hands.

In addition to completing the application please have the Affidavit and Release of Information along with any of the other forms indicated by the application, completed and if required notarized.

Have a photo ID, either a state Driver’s License, a state Identification Card or a tribal identification card from a federally recognized Indian tribe.

*Active-Duty Military personnel and their spouses who are non-residents stationed in Mississippi applying for a firearm permit will need to provide their military orders, an original Birth Certificate and Social Security Card in addition to a valid Driver License or ID card issued by their state of residence.

Applicants seeking one of the Special Designations or the Enhanced Permit must have the required documentation ready at the time of application, as indicated on the application and on our website. Please note that the items we ask for are prescribed by law, there are no substitutions for these items.

Payment is due at time of application.  We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks and money orders. For a schedule of fees please visit our Firearm Permit Fees page. Returned checks will be accessed a fee. Personal checks may cause a delay with your application process.


Individuals who seek to renew their firearm permit must do so by submitting the appropriate application.  Applicants whose permit has been expired more than 6 months will have to apply as a first-time applicant.  Renewal applicants who have no material changes to their status can use the Renewal of MS Concealed/Enhanced Carry Firearm Permit (IFP-APP-02) application.  Individuals with changes to their status, including Special Designations with waiver of fees or adding the Enhanced Endorsement will need to use the IFP-APP-01 application and supply the appropriate documentation as described in the First Time Application Process.  Please note that if you already have the Special Designations and or the Enhanced Endorsement you will still need to provide the appropriate documentation.  Applicants who already have the Enhanced Endorsement may provide a copy of the front and back of their permit as documentation.  At this time, we are not requiring the traditional headshot photo for the renewal application.


To use the mail in renewal option the applicant must complete the appropriate application as described above.  In addition to completing the application please have the Affidavit and Release of Information completed and notarized.

The photo that appears on your renewed firearm permit will be your latest photo in the Driver’s Service Bureau database. 

A required background check will be made on all applicants.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be required to visit one of our offices to be fingerprinted in order to expedite the background check. There will be no additional charge if we ask you to be fingerprinted at one of our offices.

For a schedule of fees please see our Firearm Permit Fees page.  We accept credit cards, debit cards, checks and money orders.  Please DO NOT send cash.  If mailing multiple applications do not send a joint payment. Payments must be made individually. Returned checks will be accessed a fee. Personal checks may cause a delay with your application process.

Those applicants who qualify for the waiver of permit renewal fees will need to submit the $32.00 for the fingerprint/background check fee.

Mail to:

Firearm Permit Division

P.O. Box 1459

Canton, MS 39046

Walk in Renewals will need to follow the steps listed in the First Time Application section above to ensure a smooth and timely renewal process.

First time applications and mail in renewal applications may take up to 45 days to process and mail to the applicant.  Renewal applications processed in person will receive their permits at the time of processing but will be subject to revocation or suspension upon failure of the background check.

Please review all the Firearm Permit Services web page for additional information.