Ready to Schedule Your CDL Road Test?

You must schedule your CDL road test by phone at 601-487-7073 or 601-487-7070.

NOTE: Beginning February 7, 2022, to be eligible to take required skills or knowledge tests, first time commercial driver’s license (CDL) applicants must have completed applicable Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) from a registered training provider listed on FMCSA's Training Provider Registry at

FMCSA’s Entry Level Driver Training regulations set the baseline for training requirements for entry-level drivers. This includes those applying for a:

  • Skills test for obtaining a Class A or Class B CDL for the first time;
  • Skills test for upgrading a Class B CDL to a Class A CDL; 
  • Skills test for obtaining a passenger (P) or school bus (S) endorsement for the first time; and 
  • Knowledge test for obtaining a hazardous materials endorsement for the first time

The ELDT regulations are not retroactive; individuals who were issued a CDL or an S, P, or H endorsement prior to February 7, 2022 are not required to complete training for the respective CDL or endorsement.

If an applicant who obtains a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) prior to February 7, 2022, obtains a CDL before the CLP or renewed CLP expires, the applicant is not subject to the ELDT requirements.

Any individual who meets one of the exceptions for taking a skills test in 49 CFR Part 383 is also exempt from the ELDT requirements. 

Click here for Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements for CDL Applicants 

Click here for questions regarding the FMCSA's training registry

Click here to view Mississippi Third Party Testers

To make your road test appointment, you MUST have:

  • The Department of Public Safety will allow you to schedule your road test before completing the ELDT. Applicants must be aware that the ELDT must be completed prior to the actual road test. Failure to complete this training will result in the road test being canceled.

  • A valid Mississippi license and a valid Mississippi CDL learner’s permit. (Your permit must be for the class type for which you are scheduling your road test).

Once you have made your appointment be advised of the following information:

  • We ask that you arrive on time for your scheduled appointment to allow time for proper setup and avoid any delays.
  • If you need to re-schedule or cancel your appointment you may call the DL station where your test is scheduled, at least 48 hours before your appointment.
  • The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to cancel road tests due to inclement weather, a lack of staffing resources or any other unexpected circumstances.

On the day of your road test:

  • Bring your CDL learner’s permit and the application you filled out upon applying for your permit.
  • Bring your valid medical card.
  • Bring a person with you that has the same class of license or greater in which you are applying for.
  • Make sure that the vehicle you bring for the test meets the criteria for the class of license in which you are applying for and is able to pass inspection.
  • Bring the proper fees that are required to obtain the commercial license upon successfully completing the road test.
  • Bring proof of valid insurance and valid vehicle registration 


If you fail to bring the information listed above, your road test may be cancelled.

You may call the CDL Helpdesk at 601-391-4217 for further information regarding CDL road test.

For a CDL station nearest you please visit DRIVERS LICENSE LOCATIONS.