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The steps listed below must be taken by any citizen who believes a Mississippi licensed driver should not be operating a motor vehicle:

Steps to Take When Dealing with Disabled or Unsafe Drivers:

Step 1: If a concerned citizen, family member, or friend has reason to believe that an individual should not be driving due to safety concerns, a notarized and signed letter must be written, stating the reason(s) that the individual should not be driving. The letter is called a Safety Concerned Letter. This letter must contain all the circumstances that were observed to be unsafe while the driver was operating the vehicle. The letter must be mailed to the below listed address and should include as much information pertaining to the driver including their address, date of birth, license number or SSN. Safety concerned information from a third-party is to remain anonymous to the driver that is being evaluated.

Step 2: Driver Service Bureau (DSB) will mail a 30-day Notice of Concern Letter to the driver after the Mississippi Department of Public Safety receives the letter, alerting them that we have cause to suspect there are some safety issues that calls for a driving evaluation. Along with the Notice of Concern Letter, two additional forms are mailed, a medical form called a DR-11 and vision form called a DE-26. NOTE: These forms are to be emailed to ( mailed (see address below) by a licensed medical professional only. 

Step 3: After receiving the two medical forms, DR-11 and DE-26, DSB back office medical personnel will review the documents and schedule a driving evaluation with a skilled DSB professional. The skilled professional will review the medical forms and conduct the driving evaluation relying very heavily on the medical professionals, medical opinion.

Step 4: DSB skilled licensed examiner will notify back office medical personnel after each driving evaluation has been completed, to mitigate errors and to maintain good and effective communication.

Step 5: Drivers who may have difficulty passing the practical test will have the opportunity to retake the exam in six months. The DR-11 and DE-26 forms are valid for 1 year from the date it was completed by a licensed medical professional.

NOTE: There will be times when a driver will arrive at a driver’s license station on crutches, canes, or in a wheelchair or perhaps may have amputations. The driver’s license examiner must complete the DR-llA form first, which will initiate the medical evaluation process and contact back office personnel before renewing, reinstating, or issuing new licenses. However, the driver will not be denied the privilege to take the general knowledge exam.



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