Required Documentation For Waiver of License Fee

* All first time and renewal applicants must pay a $32.00 fee for a Background Check.

MS Code § 45-9-101 allows for the waiver of fees for applicants meeting the requirements set forth in the code.  Qualifying applicants, first time and renewals, must submit the proper documentation in addition to the application.  Please submit the documents from the list below that fit your circumstances.

Active Duty Military

  • A copy of your current orders, placing you on active duty as defined in U.S.C. Title 10

Disabled Veterans

One of the following documents:

  • A verification letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office
  • A service-connected disability letter obtained through ebenefits.
  • A Veteran Health Identification Card with the service-connected designation.

Retired Law Enforcement

  • Honorably Retired Law Enforcement must submit a retirement letter on the retiring agency letterhead, stating the applicant honorably retired from said agency and a letter stating that you have completed a certified Law Enforcement academy.

Active Law Enforcement 

  • Current Active Law Enforcement as defined in Section 45-6-3 must submit a letter, with the official letterhead of the agency or department for which the officer is employed at the time of application and a letter with the official letterhead of the agency or department, which explains that such officer has completed a certified law enforcement training academy.