Sexual Offender Registration

Sexual Offender Registration


Offenders must present receipt of registration from their local sheriff for all registrations other than a currently active re-registration. This includes, but is not limited to: non-compliant registrants, MDOC releases, new registrants, temporary registrants from out-of-state, incarcerated releases, etc.

Registration forms from the sheriff’s office are valid for two-weeks only.

MDOC forms (only) do not expire.

Offenders must fill out an International Travel Form before leaving the country 21 days prior to departure and include their passport, itinerary, and address of their out of country residence. The completed form must be sent to the MSOR.

There is no a grace period between the date you go noncompliant and the day you appear to register.

Electronic monitoring forms are valid for one year only. An updated form is needed when registering an offender after expiration.

Offenders are required to pay $11.00 each time they register, which is currently done every three (3) months. You are not required to pay any fines on your account before registering. Fines must only be paid in order to remove a license suspension.

Call the MSOR with any questions. MSOR Hotline: 601-987-1540.

The Driver Service Bureau highly recommends all applicants make an appointment at