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Welcome to the Driver Service Bureau


Driver Service is a bureau of the Department of Public Safety. Our mission is to promote positive customer service while empowering the citizens of this state with positive means for measuring our performance. The Driver Service Bureau establishes departmental policies and procedures for governing the operations and standards of all the entries whether through customer satisfaction or employee empowerment. It is through our efforts that customers receive our complete attention to their needs in the most expedited and professional manner.


Our vision is to always evolve as an organization; to employ new and innovative measures and strategies that improve customer service, enhance the security of credentials, foster staff development and satisfaction, streamline agency procedures, and promote clear and timely communication.


Consistency: Is what our team of polished staff members strive to repeatedly do, the same thing the right way every time. This is not an act, but a habit.


Excellence: At the conclusion of each transaction, it is that expectation our customers look to receive before departing any of our locations. This is the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution.


Professionalism: This is not the label our employees give themselves but more of a description they hope their customer receive. Complete professionalism involves three models of measure: Behavior, skill and knowledge.