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63-11-30 MS Code of 1972 - Operation of vehicle while under influence of intoxication liquor or other substances impairing ability to operate vehicle.

You were, should have been given a receipt for your driver’s license.  That receipt served as a Temporary permit to drive.  This permit is valid for a period of 30 days.  You should have contacted the court and request a trial date and an extension of this driving permit.  If you do not contact the court within 30 days and obtain court order extending your temporary permit, your driving privilege shall be suspended for a period of 90 days.

1st Offense DUI – Mandatory suspension of 120 days. MASEP is required, along with proof of insurance for three years upon conviction under 63-11-30(2) MS Code of 1972, effective July 1, 2007.  To continue driving privileges instead of suspension, driver can request Interlock Restricted Driving License under 63-11-31 MS Code of 1972, effective Oct. 1, 2014. 

63-11-23(2) Administrative suspension of 90 days on all DUI’s starting 45 days from arrest being put into system of DPS.  Driver can request Interlock Restricted driving license for that time period to continue driving privileges.  On a DUI refusal Interlock Restricted driving time is twice the time period which consist of 180 days.  DUI refusal is not eligible for extension if you do not go to court within 30 days.

All suspension time start 45 days from the time entered into the system of DPS once court documents have been forward from the courts.  DUI’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd and subsequent offense suspension times to continue your driving privileges you may exercise the privilege to drive only under a driver license that is restricted to operation of vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device that complies with section 63-11-31.

Appeals – Must have the petition for appeal in within 30 days from the conviction date.  You can appeal the DUI 30 days from the conviction date.

Extension Order: If a driver was arrested for DRIVING WITH A BLOOD ALCOHOL CONTENT OF .08% OR GREATER FOR PERSONS TWENTY-ONE (21) YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER OR .02% OR GREATER FOR PERSONS UNDER TWENTY-ONE (21) YEARS OF AGE, your license to drive was, or should have been seized by law enforcement officials. You will be given a receipt for your driver license. The receipt will serve as a TEMPORARY PERMIT TO DRIVE. THE PERMIT IS VAILID FOR A PERIOD OF (30) DAYS. You should contact the court and request a trial date and an Extension Order. If you do not contact the court within THIRTY (30) DAYS and obtain a COURT ORDER EXTENDING your TEMPORARY permit, your driving privilege shall be SUSPENDED for a period of not less than NINETY (90) DAYS. 

Non-Adjudication – The court order has to specify that you have an Interlock restricted license for 120 days, or you accepted to be suspended for 120 days.

To get you Interlock restricted license the court must send in your copy of the DUI ticket, with an order of conditions of Non-Adjudication or a court abstract stating Interlock restricted license for 120 days or suspension of a 120 days.

All documents should be mailed from the court within 5 business days of going to court.  You should call DPS DUI department prior to going to DL station to get license to make sure your court documents have been received and entered into the system at DPS.

Companies that install Interlock device in vehicles in Mississippi must contact these numbers and tell them your location and they will tell you the nearest location near you.

Smart Start – (800) 880-3394

Intoxalock – (888) 283-5899

Life Safer Superior Interlock Services, Inc. – (800) 377-8750


Interlock fee to be paid when you come to get your Restricted driving license is $175.00.

Restricted driving license, with the T restriction is $56.00

Reinstatement fee for DUI’s is $175.00


MS Dept. of Mental Health – (877) 210-8513

MS Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP) – (662) 325-5520


All court documents must be received from the courts for authentication purposes, we will not accept fax or email copies

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