Window Tint Compliance Division

Mike Cruz


This department is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the Tint Compliance Program and to provide licensing and compliance decals to those stations authorized to conduct tint inspections for the state of Mississippi. To find a tint compliance station near you, please contact us at (601) 987-1243 or (601) 987-1252. This department is also responsible for issuing information relating to tint compliance to the public. Effective July 01, 2015 the state of Mississippi no longer requires the vehicles have inspections stickers, for more information regarding this change see 2015 House Bill 982 attached here.

Lt. Mike Santa Cruz, Director
Lieutenant Mike Santa Cruz, Director

Locations and Hours

Jackson Headquarters - MHP Headquarters

1900 E. Woodrow Wilson
Jackson, MS 39205
(601) 987-1243