Certified Firearm Instructor Requirements


The instructor applicant must be a certified firearms instructor who has been certified by a nationally recognized organization that customarily offers firearms training or by any other organization approved by the Department of Public Safety.

The instructor applicant must complete the instructor’s application and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) forms.  The instructor applicant may request the instructor’s application and MOU by emailing  Steve Huse, the DPS Certified Firearms Instructor Coordinator, email: shuse@dps.ms.gov.

The instructor applicant must schedule an interview via email: shuse@dps.ms.gov. or via telephone: (601) 987-1575.  Interviews are conducted on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9am-11am and 1pm-4pm.

All interviews are conducted at the Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol's Firearm Permit Division Headquarters located at 1900 E. Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, MS  39216. 

Each instructor applicant is required to pay $32 for a background check. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, Visa/MasterCard, or cashier's check. No personal checks, money orders or any credit card type not listed are accepted.