Disability Identification Card

Disability Identification Card (valid for 4 years $17.00)

The disability identification card serves as a proof of a disability and can be used when verification is needed in order to access certain services, programs, or activities.

All applicants must provide the following:

Physician Certification Form is used to have a symbol placed on a driver's DL or individual's ID card to indicate that they are diabetic, hearing impaired, or require a disability ID. Individuals with a medical disability will receive a disability identification card.

All applicable forms must be completed prior to returning to any Driver Service Bureau Station

If applicant currently has an ID card and wishes to obtain a medical symbol for the hearing impaired or medical disability, they must provide the Physician Certification Form and pay duplicate fee of $11.00 at any Driver Service location

The Driver Service Bureau highly recommends all applicants make an appointment at dps.ms.gov/appointment.