Temporary Learner's Permit (14 year old only)

14-year-old Temporary Learner’s Permit ($7.00)

A temporary learner's permit for 14-year-olds is a very limited permit. This permit is only valid while enrolled in an approved driver education course. The student is only permitted to drive with the temporary learner’s permit while accompanied by the driver education instructor. The temporary learner's permit expires once the student completes the course. After the student completes the course, the driver education instructor will take custody of the temporary learner's permit. (Instruct the student at age 15 they are eligible to obtain his or her regular learner's permit.)

To obtain a temporary learner’s permit, the Driver Service Bureau requires the DE-7 form be properly filled out by an approved driver education instructorThe student then presents this form to any Driver Service Bureau station to obtain a $7.00 temporary learner's permit.

The student must also provide the following documents and pass the required exams:

A completed and signed Application

            Original Birth Certificate or any acceptable document (No Photocopies Accepted)

            SSN Card or an official government correspondence displaying full 9 digits (click here)

Legal Documents are required if going by new name

Two proofs of Residency

Pass Knowledge (written) and Eye Exam

The School Attendance Form is not required, but preferred, as the DE-7 form will take its place.

When you reach the age of 15, you are eligible to apply for your regular learner’s permit. You must have held your regular learner’s permit for twelve months or until your 17th birthday (whichever occurs first) before qualifying for a regular driver’s license. (For more information, view the section regarding Regular Learner’s Permit).

NOTE: Possession of the temporary learner’s permit does not count toward the required 12 months needed to obtain a regular driver’s license. 

When you apply for your regular learner’s permit, you are not required to retake the knowledge exam, eye exam, or provide any required documents, except an updated School Attendance Form, as we already have the required documents on file. To obtain your regular learner’s permit, you will need to fill out an application and pay the $11.00 fee. 

This temporary learner's permit allows a younger driver to receive more driving instruction before being allowed to drive on a public roadway with their regular learner's permit. A good driver education program can be very beneficial. Statistics have shown that drivers who complete a driver education course are less likely to be involved in accidents. 

The Driver Service Bureau highly recommends all applicants make an appointment at dps.ms.gov/appointment.