Military/Retired Law Enforcement

Mississippi DPS Driver Services

  • Active duty military including active reserve may obtain the enhanced carry permit; you must have a copy of your active duty orders with the application.
  • Veterans may obtain enhanced carry permit; you must present a DD214 with Honorable Discharge, have “Vet” on your driver’s license, or a form from the MS Veterans Affairs Board with the red stamp used to get the designation.
  • Disabled Veterans may receive enhanced carry; DAV documentation must be presented stating that you receive service connected disability compensation if the DAV status is not already in the system. 
  • Retired military from any branch or component may receive enhanced carry permit; you must present a copy of your retired military ID or official documentation with the application.
  • Honorably Retired Law Enforcement may receive enhanced carry permit; you must present a retirement letter stating honorably retired from retiring agency and a letter stating that you have completed a certified Law Enforcement academy unless the system already reflects that you have retired LE status.
  • For each of these circumstances a completed Affidavit, attached here, must be submitted. Click here for affidavit for Military, Retired Military, Disabled Vet, Veterans or Honorably Retired Law Enforcement Officers.